Have you got any questions about our cleaning services? This page focuses on answering all your questions about window cleaning price in london, commercial cleaning & more. If you still have any questions, we invite you to contact us and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

What Can Be Expected From Your Commercial Cleaning Services In London?

JMS office cleaning services in London aims to provide clean, hygienic offices for productive, pleasant and safe environments for you and your staff. Our professional London Office Cleaning teams arrive at a time that suits you, eliminating any chances of disruption.

Are All Your Staff Members Inspected?

Yes. We have a rigorous recruitment process in which we always obtain previous employer’s reference and the proof of address, and permission to work in the UK. We also have copies of their driving licence and passport. Where needed, our staff members will also be DBS checked to confirm superior security for our clients.

Do You Issue a Cleaning Contract?

Yes. We sign contracts before going ahead with any project or task within a project.

Are You Fully Insured?

Yes, we have a comprehensive liability insurance cover, so you can trust us with your cleaning tasks without any worry.

What Time Does the Cleaning Team Arrive?

We follow a flexible approach to visit your location at the time that suits your schedule. This can be early morning, during the day, before your employees arrive, or in the evening after everyone has left.

What Cleaning Services In London Does Your Company Offer?

At JMS Cleaning, we provide an extensive range of cleaning services in London to suit your requirements. Our services include daily office cleaning, residential cleaning, specialized carpet cleaning and commercial cleaning for small and medium-sized businesses.

Do You Supply Everything Needed?

Yes, we supply all the equipment, labour, machinery and materials needed to carry out the cleaning tasks within the agreed fee. We also supply toilet rolls, bin liners, refuse sacks, etc., which are invoiced at the end of every calendar month.

Does Your Staff Receive Appropriate Training?

Yes. All our managers and cleaning staff receive comprehensive training to manage the projects in line with required standards. All our cleaning operatives receive comprehensive in-house and in-situ training to skillfully perform their duties. Out training covers all health and safety issues along with key company policies.

Will I Always Have The Same Cleaner?

We always do our best to maintain continuity by using the same staff on a client’s contract. This builds trust and a healthy relationship between the cleaning team and the client while also improving security for the customers.

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